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Your French wedding captured beautifully!

Stylish, classic and timeless....

An English photographer in France

Getting married in France? Then book an English Photographer in France. Se marier en France? Alors réservez un photographe anglais en France. Living with my young family in France, I'm the perfect choice for your wedding photography in France. Bilingual and at ease with both cultures, I bring all my well-honed skills to your big day in France.


Weddings are a joyous occasion and the role of the photographer is to record and capture those 'joyous' moments.

It's a simple brief really, but it's amazing how many wedding photographers get it wrong....

Warren applies the same relaxed but professional techniques used in high-end advertising and commercial photo shoots, to photographing that special wedding day.

Stills and HD video togethor

Combine still photography and HD video, all in one package!
All wedding packages come with HD video clips. I setup several GoPro mini HD videos to capture your big day from a completely different perspective!